About Chedoke

  • Heritage property in Hamilton, Ontario
  • Formerly an Iroquois settlement
  • Built in 1836 – 1838
  • Owned by Ontario Heritage Trust since 1979
  • Leased to Cardus by the City of Hamilton in 2022
  • Learn more: Timeline of Chedoke History

Restoring Chedoke

  • Cardus is beginning a sensitive and adaptive restoration of Chedoke that retains all of its 66 character-defining elements, in partnership with award-winning architects:
    • Julian Smith (Vimy Memorial in France, Landscape Plan of Parliament Hill, Lister Block in Hamilton, ON)
    • Emma Cubitt (Principal Architect of Invizij, Hamilton City Hall Renovations, Caledonia Old Mill Conversion)
    • Megan Hobson (Conservation Plan of Auchmar Estate, City of Toronto Official Heritage Plan Policy Review, Adaptive Reuse of Guelph Correctional Centre)
  • Guided by plans approved by the Ontario Heritage Trust and the City of Hamilton, the first round of renovations is scheduled to begin in 2023.
  • Cardus is partnering with local employers Budget Group of Companies, Schilthuis Construction, Invizij Architects, and Almex Group to complete the restoration.

“Communities will thrive and grow if we build new buildings with an eye to their long-term sustainability. Or, better yet, adapt existing buildings to new purposes. While heritage speaks to our past and augments our culture, it also becomes future-looking and future-thinking.”

—Hon. Lincoln M. Alexander (C.C.)
Photo courtesy of Lincoln Alexander Centre

We look forward to welcoming you in 2023 for drop-in and events, including Doors Open, Hamilton Day, and National Indigenous Peoples Day.

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